Adelfia Photography | Mission

Our Mission:

Adelfia Photography was birthed out of our family's desire to bring a son(s) into our family. We have 4 daughters who we adore, and wish to continue our family through adoption. The name Adelfia Photography reflects our mission and flows directly from this vision as 'Adelfia' is Greek for 'brothers' and the proceeds from our photography will be used to propel us toward this end.

Our vision for adoption is driven by a love of children, a desire to care for orphans, and a hope to experience personally and give a vision to our children of the great adoption that we have in Christ.

This vision permeates our mission for photography... we view life as a celebration of and opportunity to glorify God.

We rejoice as we photograph weddings, as they are a picture of Christ and the Church, of God's provision in our weakness, and of the spiritual legacy of the family.

We rejoice as we photograph seniors, as this is a picture celebrating the minds that God has given us and the seasons of life that God graces us with.

We rejoice as we photograph infants and children because we know that they are a heritage from the Lord and a wonderful blessing.

We rejoice as we photograph families because we know that the family, within the body of Christ, is one of the key agents God uses to  glorify His name.

With these things in mind, it is our great joy to pursue this endeavor with you. Soli Deo Gloria.